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<transcy>Dress for work with the new "Rendez-Vous" products from FIORE</transcy>

Returning to work after a long period of working from home requires a return to more "elegant" outfits. How do you create them?

Office attire should be carefully thought out. As an office worker, you need to keep your company dress code in mind and make your outfit consistent.

Are you looking for a way to make your company uniform more interesting? Why not try some original tights.

Check out our ideas for a dazzling look!

Work clothes don't have to be boring.

Do you want to add something daring to your outfit?

Looking for a look that will showcase your personality and visual attributes, but also meet your company's dress code standards? Take a look at some of our suggestions and try them out for yourself.

Wondering how to dress for work?

It all depends, of course, on the dress code your company has in place.

In most jobs, the style required is professional - "traditional" business attire - or "casual" business attire.

In the first case, the rules are quite strict, but women can still choose from a fairly wide color palette for clothes and accessories, except for extremely strong colors.

In the case of business casual, the room for maneuver and the freedom to choose clothes are even greater, but a note of elegance must remain at Rendez-Vous .

Workwear : Everyone's big morning dilemma.

Working from home has got us all used to comfortable sweatshirts rather than pencil dresses and warm socks instead of high heels. But now, with the return to the office, it's time to put back those comfy clothes that aren't suitable for working on the shelf.

Among the accessories, tights are an important item . Whether you go for something demure or a little more wild, the overall look should always be tasteful and look professional.

For this occasion, with the brand FIORE we have prepared a special collection called "Rendez-Vous" . As always, original and tasteful designs define this brand.

Fancy tights with shell patterns - PRALINE 30 Den - FIORE

A design that doesn't scream at you, but gives the whole outfit a little extra pizzazz.


What is the best outfit for the office job? Of course, it must be comfortable and allow freedom of movement. A suit for women is certainly suitable - it is classic, elegant and timeless.

Choose a black suit or go for something more daring - for example, a lilac, red or blue suit. Shoes with a high, narrow heel are most suitable. You can get creative with your accessories and choose polka dot or striped socks. You can surely find something interesting to add!

Leopard print tights revisited

With the arrival of autumn, cold mornings have also returned. That is why fall fashion should include a thick warm cotton dress, a woolen overcoat and tights. If you want to stand out on the city streets, choose highly fancy accessories, like our model Glam Rock . With tights like these, the fall blues won't affect you.

Thigh high tights

Do you work in a classic atmosphere? Dress classically: a straight dress or shorts, a smooth blouse and a jacket. But don't forget the tights. To complete such an outfit, the best choice is a smooth and concealing model. But, even in such a situation, you should not wear ordinary tights. Our model BONBON seems very classic at first glance, but along its back, a pretty bow will surprise you with its daring.

One thing is certain, the end of homework will lead to changes in our wardrobe. as a woman who loves fashion!

Choose interesting tights to showcase your style and you will feel completely confident.

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