Collant Chanel

<transcy>Where does this pantyhose come from that makes the modosphere in turmoil?</transcy>

Collant Chanel

We see it everywhere online on social networks. Finally, especially on the it-girls. It seems that this is THE trendy piece for fall-winter: the Chanel tights.

From the Chanel collection at the start of the year, presented in pre-containment, its fall-winter 2020-2021 collection seems to be all the rage among all fashionistas on the web.

It is undeniable that tights have become an essential fashion accessory in the cold season!

Chanel seizes the winter hype and in turn offers a pair already adopted by the entire modo-sphere.

Collant Chanel

We do not sell Chanel, Gucci or Fendi logo tights, however we can offer you alternatives for all those who cannot afford a model of embroidered tights from this iconic French brand: Polka dot tights.

In the margin, in the register of fancy tights, various tights can approach this style .

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