Des collants chauds pour l'hiver

<transcy>Warm tights for winter</transcy>

Winter is here, we know it, we can feel it. The cold creeps in and makes its way.

No reason to put the little dresses in the closet. No, no, no !!

On the contrary, a good tights is often warmer on the legs than jeans-type pants. Some warm winter tights are specially designed to help you fight the cold!

We all know that there is nothing worse than having cold legs and feet. Impossible to warm up afterwards.

There is nothing warmer than a good tights, you just have to choose them well.

Along with the hands, the feet are usually the part of the body most severely affected by cold during winter. If poorly protected, the body can quickly cool down.

The other important point, and not to wear your tights too tight so as not to impair your blood circulation and thus increase the feeling of cold.

In winter against the cold, for your opaque tights do not hesitate to take a size above.

As for the material, prefer wool or cashmere . They both absorb moisture, are great thermal insulators and temperature regulators.

If you are very cautious, we strongly recommend that you add a pair of socks over your tights . They will have the double benefit of protecting your tights and therefore increasing their durability while protecting your fragile feet from winter temperatures.

We have convinced you, now it is important to choose your opaque tights with a sufficient number of deniers, at least 40 deniers (semi-opaque), the more you will climb in the more deniers the tights will be thick.

To help you, we have selected a few for you.

Our favorite, undoubtedly the Futura tights from the GERBE brand, unique in its kind. At the same time comfortable, warm and ultra resistant.

collant futura

The must-have warm and soft version, the Cashmere tights by Veneziana, for soft legs that are protected from the cold.

It is completely opaque 100 denier , soft, and well padded inside, a pure happiness of comfort to combine the useful with the pleasant.

Collant Cashmere de Veneziana 29,90€ - 100 Deniers

Cashmere tights from Veneziana - 100 Deniers

The fancy tights , black opaque praline model with geometric patterns to combine elegance and originality.

There is also something for pregnant women with this opaque maternity tights in 40 Deniers. Comfort for all.

Collant DUO 40 GERBE 36,90€ - 40 Deniers

DUO 40 GERBE tights - 40 Deniers

You just have to choose;)!

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